Blogging with Substance

I was tagged by Jason at The Thoughtful Animal to partake in a meme. This meme stipulates that I:

1. Sum up [my] blogging motivation, philosophy and experience in exactly 10 words.

2. Tag 10 other blogs to perpetuate the meme.

My answers:

1. Saw the octopus at Pittsburgh Zoo. Cephalopod blog, why not?

2. I’ll tag everybody else on the SFS Network, for starters, and then a few more. That means:
Andrew, David, and Amy at Southern Fried Science
Chuck at Ya Like Dags
John at Mammoth Tales
Will at Bomai Cruz
Mike at Arthropoda
Dustin at Spawning is Immanent
Arvind at Fins to Feet
Anna at Anna’s Bones
and Christopher Taylor at Catalogue of Organisms

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