The Tentacled Get-down

Man, things have been busy. I guess that’s what grad school is supposed to be like, right?

In any case, since you’re using the internet, I’ll assume you’ll be interested in a bit of graphic sexual content. I’ve talked about various aspects of cephalopod reproduction over the past year, but after stumbling across a few good videos last night, I decided to forgo all that mumbo-jumbo and let the squishy critters themselves do the talking (aided by a few humble narrators):

First, we have a great shot of some Pacific Market Squid in a mating aggregation:

Octopuses, being more solitary animals, tend to do things one-on-one, like in this intimate encounter:

Cuttlefish, last of all, mate in the same way that they do everything; that is, looking like the coolest things on the planet. The species in these videos (the Australian Giant Cuttlefish) have some neat courtship rituals, where they show each other certain skin patterns before snuggling up. This next clip is a long one (14 minutes), but is worth the investment:

This last one’s from the BBC – it’s the same species doing most of the same things, but with a bit of narration:

One final observation: the choice of soundtrack for these videos is critical. For example, triumphant orchestral music = wonderful, while the cameraperson breathing through a SCUBA = a bit creepy.

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